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During the winter months (specifically December through January) exposure to slip/trip/falls greatly increases due to weather conditions (i.e. freezing rain; snow; rain; and leaf season.) This toolkit provides recommendations to address some of these exposures in order to anticipate and/or prevent losses prior to these high exposures periods.

  • Slip/Falls due to snow and ice.

  • Slip/Falls due to surface encumbrances (wet floor, leaves, residue, oily surfaces.)

  • Trips due to surface irregularities (uneven surfaces, cracks, loose rocks/nuts, cords, etc.)

  • Slips/Trips/falls due to construction type, type of surface, type of stairs, entrance design, or construction design.

  • Slips/trips/falls due to improper lighting.

  • Personal factors (i.e. improper footwear, disability, vision, personal choices.)

  • Ancillary exposures (falling tree limbs, arborist work.)

Options for prevention and control measures are numerous and vary depending on a number of criteria. The size, sophistication, commitment level, and budget of your organization will be deciding factors in how advanced your Inclement Weather Program will be. To help you mold your program to the appropriate scope, we have broken our recommended prevention and control measures into three levels of protection:

  • Prevention Level 1—Budget conscious plan that will help reduce most major slip/trip/fall incidents.
  • Prevention Level 2—For organizations with more resources and budget flexibility.
  • Prevention Level 3—Tailored for those organizations with resources and budget flexibility that strive to prevent all slip/trip/fall incidents and plan for future exposures before hazards arise.

The table below outlines recommendations for reducing slip/trip/fall incidents. The recommendations are separated by Prevention Level to help you scale your program according to your needs. These are only recommended levels--any of the recommendations listed are a addition to any safety/prevention plan.

1 2 3
Identify Facilities/Engineering Department Team and plan for control of seven categories of risk.
Authorize Facilities/Engineering Team to meet a day prior for organization of next day Slip/Trip/Fall prevention plan.    
Maintain large quantities of Ice Melt on site with spreader.
Purchase Ice Alert System. www.icealert.com  
Multiple Alerts on campus.    
Identify individual(s) responsible for determining required action to hazard prior to morning of application/response.
Develop accountability of managers required to administrate Facilities/Engineering Team in performance review.    
Identify areas of application, time of application, and individuals completing application.
Determine duration of application and set a completion time.
Offer overtime pay for early-hour application.  
Provide/determine proper footwear of applicators.
Provide ice cleats for maintenance workers or other employees who work outdoors.  
Provide proper footwear to all facilities and maintenance staff including use of ice cleat options.    
Provide a walk-off mat program for entrance areas.
Surface Encumbrances - Develop leaf clean-up program to eliminate leaf degradation residue. Utilize wet floor signs. Obtain proper cleaner for oily surfaces (kitchen/cafeteria areas.) Degreaser for mechanic areas.
Develop a specific team to inspect and identify slip/trip/fall hazard. Use beveled cord holders or use cord bundlers to secure cords off the floor.  
Surface Irregularities - Conduct routine campus inspections for slip/trip/fall hazards. Repair/replace missing tile(s); repair bunched or frayed carpeting; and ensure stairs and handrails are in good repair. Repair concrete irregularities. Create visual cues by highlighting with yellow warning paint any changes in curved or elevated walkways. Repair potholes; patch, fill or slope changes in pavements greater than ½ inch.
Construction Type - Identify low/poor construction design/material use area(s) and/or area(s) that show a higher degree of incidence. Install anti-slip material/application. Repair/install non-slip nosing on stair treads.
Utilize products from Recommended Products below.  
Budget for redesign and remodeling to reduce risk in high exposure areas with high incidences.    
Lighting - Identify low-lighting area(s) and/or area(s) that show a higher degree of incidence. Install additional lighting.
Use more than one method to control exposure.  
Personal Factors - Conduct training of staff; provide recommendations of footwear; create footwear policy that utilizes Human Resources for reasonable accommodations.
Create a footwear policy that is requires utilization from Human Resources.  
Develop policy for employees who need assistance or campus travel accommodations.    
Ancillary Exposures - Identify hazard, limit access to area and transfer risk by subcontractors (i.e. licensed/bonded/insured arborist.)
Require any elevated or large limb work to be subcontracted (i.e. licensed/bonded/insured arborist.)  
Establish a protocol for business closure and/or driving delays.    


Products shown are not all the options that your organization could utilize. There are thousands of products available in the marketplace for slip/trip/fall prevention. It is recommended that you contact your Empire Pacific Risk Management Consultant to further develop your policies as well as evaluate specific locations or hazards in more detail. The goal is to not only prevent injuries and provide a safe workplace for your employee; but also to manage all risk. This includes risk to the general public (General Liability) which can be a far greater exposure in the area of Tort Liability. Costs associated with a single accident could be four or more times greater in costs to your organization. It is strongly recommended that a budget be established in evaluation of the cost/benefit analysis of your prevention programs.

Ice Alert
Anti-Slip Applications
Ice Melt
Surface Encumbrances

For assistance selecting the best solutions for your organization, or to request any other Risk Management assistance, please contact your Risk Management Consultant.


Ice Alert
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The Ice Alert System™

Ice Alert, Inc.

The Ice Alert System™ uses a highly reflective, temperature sensitive indicator to alert employees and/or the public of dropping temperatures. This tool increases awareness of the pressence of ice on walkways and roadways.

Anti-Slip Applications
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Traction Kote 400 Non Slip Epoxy Coating

Superior Industries, Inc.

Designed especially for preventing slip hazards from ever becoming a reality, Traction Kote 400 is a textured finish floor coating that is formulated for both interior and exterior use. You can apply this premium floor coating to multiple surface types, including: wood, concrete, asphalt, steel, aluminum, tile, porcelain, fiberglass, and more. It contains an extremely tough epoxy binder and cures to a hard, flat finish. This slip-resistant coating is ideal for use on: steps, ladders, ramps, loading docks, step pads, pool decks, diving boards, running boards, marine docks, boats, around industrial equipment, locker rooms, and public restrooms. It is also excellent for use on: playground equipment, hallways, walkways, shower rooms, fiberglass tubs and shower stalls, entrance ramps, handicapped areas, golf cart bridges, pedestrian overhead walkways, sports facilities, grandstands, and many more.

NOTE: Per manufacturer provided MSDS for the product, ensure that any employees applying this coating follow PPE recommendations, including: self-contained (air supplied) positive pressure breathing apparatus, or a NIOSH approved air purifying respirator (APR) equipped with organic vapor cartridges (black striped cartridge), gloves impervious to liquid, goggles or approved safety glasses, etc.

SUPERGRIT® Safety Treads

Wooster Products Inc.

Supergrit Treads provide a heat treated, corrosion resistant, extruded aluminum base with satin/lacquered finish. The use of diamond-hard aluminum oxide in the filler assures long tread life under heavy pedestrian traffic use. Supergrit is designed for both inside and outside use.

  • Extruded aluminum base—abrasive filler
  • Lengths to order, up to 12'-0" (3.66 m) max. in one piece
  • Non-combustible
  • High content of aluminum oxide abrasive
  • 12 standard colors
  • Colors extend throughout filler
  • Protective tape available

No Skidding Coatings

No Skidding Products, Inc.

No Skidding® manufactures and distributes slip resistant products that increase the co-efficient of friction on all types of floors including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, wood, painted, concrete, vinyl, metal, etc., indoors and outdoors. No Skidding® products can be used virtually anywhere slipping may be a problem. There's a product for almost every application for both wet and dry areas. Their products include the most comprehensive range of anti slip coatings, slip resistant safety tapes, anti slip treatments and slip resistant floor care products available in the industry.

Slip-Resistenet Solutions

Slip-Resistent Solutions, Intl.

It's important to find the non slip product that's specific to your floor type. This site offers solutions for many types of flooring.

Anti-Slip Tapes, Non-Slip Mats & Cable Protectors

New Pig Corporation

Coatings, protectors and other anti-slip products to help prevent falls.

  • PIG Transition Mat improves safety between types of flooring, a common spot for slips
  • Non-slip tapes and coverings increase safety at stair treads, ramps and ladder rungs
  • Get mats with grit, but never grit your teeth - 100% of our products are guaranteed 100% of the time
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Slip-Resistent Shoes

Shoes For Crews, LLC

Shoes For Crews began producing slip-resistant footwear in 1984 and through superior technology quickly became the industry leader. Over the years, they've stayed on top by working hard to deliver high-tech footwear at our low factory-direct prices. They are committed to improving workplace safety and 100% customer satisfaction.

DryGuy GripOns Ice and Snow Traction


GripOns significantly improve traction on ice and snow. High quality rustproof spikes under the ball and heel of your foot provide excellent grip on slick surfaces. GripOns stretch to fit easily over any type of shoe or boot. They are flexible and compact for easy carrying and storage. GripOns are not for technical climbing.

  • Reduces slip and fall potential
  • Steel spiked traction
  • Strong long lasting material
  • Buy one size larger for thick-sole work boots
  • Weighs 8 ounces

Stabilicers Lite Duty Serious Traction Cleat

32North Corporation

Long-lasting soles with case-hardened steel cleats bite into the slickest ice and snow. Simply attach STABILicers to your favorite shoes or boots with hook-and-loop fasteners and never let icy conditions keep you indoors again. Winter's not for wimps. Be a part of it. Ideal for winter hiking, hunting, ice fishing, and fly fishing.

  • Flexible sole provides comfort and traction.
  • 34 case-hardened cleats bite into ice and snow.
  • Replaceable cleats save money and increase product longevity.
  • Straps fit snugly with easy on/off design.

ICEtrekkers Shoe Chains


Walk confidently on icy surfaces with this pair of ICEtrekkers Chains. Like tire chains for your feet, the chains are perfect for all snow conditions, including snow, slush, and packed and crusty surfaces. The durable links are individually TIG welded and made from case hardened steel. The traction stems from the unique ladder pattern under the ball of the foot combined with the triangular pattern on the heel, which provides stable footing and is comfortable for extended wear. Plus, the chains' hearty rubber sling attaches securely to almost any footwear type, so you can wear them with running shoes, hiking boots, and even dress shoes. The sling, which stays flexible in subzero temperatures, also keeps the chains from falling off even in deep snow.

  • Pair of shoe chains ideal for walking on snow and packed, crusty ice
  • Individually TIG welded links made from case hardened steel
  • Unique ladder pattern under ball of foot and triangular pattern on heel
  • Rubber sling attaches to almost any footwear type and stays on in deep snow
  • Comfortable enough for extended wear; available in S to XL sizes

TRACMATES Antislip Footwear

Grainger, Inc.

Cellulose/Synthetic Fiber Nylon TracMates offer superior slip resistance on any slippery surface, wet or dry. Reusable and easy to clean.

Ice & Snow Traction Cleats & Anti Slip Soles / Straps

Sports Imports LTD

Traction Cleats and Anti Slip Soles. You will find Stabilicers, Ice walker Cleats, Get-A-Grip Ice Joggers, Yaktrax spikeless and strapless overshoes. Also budget priced Snowshoes.

Ice Melt
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Ice Melt

  • Won't harm grass, plants or carpets.
  • Melts ice up to -16°F.
  • Will not harm asphalt/black top.
  • Not recommended for concrete less than 1 year old.

Green Scapes Ice Melt

Scotwood Industries, Inc.

Green Scapes™ is an eco-friendly ice melter. Blended with Magnesium Chloride and infused with Ice Ban, Green Scapes™ is an innovative product that is safer for sidewalks and vegetation. This environmentally friendly option also features a green color indicator that makes for easier and fewer applications. While still boasting a melting point that rivals other blends, Green Scapes™ has a lower chloride content.

SOLO Ice Melt

Grainger, Inc.
  • Granular Ice Melt, 50 lb.
  • Effective Temp. -5 Degrees F
  • Net Weight 50 lbs.
  • Package Type Carton
  • Color Light Blue
  • Contains Vegetation Enhancers and Protectors
  • Metal and Concrete Corrosion Inhibitors
Surface Encumbrances
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D-2 Rubber Duct Cord Cover


Strong enough to handle vehicular traffic, the D-2 rubber cord protector shields wires, power cord(s), and CAT5 (Category 5) cable(s) making this a must for any standard computer station set-up. The D-2 series rubber duct comes in three different colors (Black, Grey and Brown) and is available in 5-foot and 10-foot lengths that can be cut to fit and match any work area. This cord protector comes SLIT on the center channel for easy universal installation for connected cables.

  • Lay flat and easy to install
  • Skid-resistant grip to reduce slipping
  • Non-conductive up to 1,500 volts
  • Heat-resistant up to 300° F
  • Provides safe working environment